TMSTechnical Maintenance Service

is one of the four Business Units (BU) of VED, which mainly deals with specialized on-site maintenance.

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VED (Vetroresina Engineering Development) is a multifaceted company, young in spirit but with a long history behind it which deserves to be known.

Thanks to its past, today, VED has that maturity and awareness necessary to face the challenges of the future.

Thanks to the consolidated experience in over 50 years of history in the service of maintenance in industrial plants, we continue to offer an increasingly complete and articulated response.

This feedback is based on the research, development and growth of the skills of the technicians in the field, both during stops and during activities on lines and equipment in operation.


The real priority for all managers of industrial plants, especially for the presence of pressure equipment, is to guarantee the safety and functioning of all processes.

It is utopian that flanged joints, valves, heat exchangers and whatever else makes up the plant, continue to function without problems; in order to guarantee the stability of the process lines, specific actions are implemented which in our case focus on specialist on-site maintenance. Thanks to the complete range of activities offered by VED, whether it is services during the shutdown phases or when the lines are in operation (controlled tightening, elimination of leaks, mechanical machining, maintenance and valve calibration), it is possible to make industrial plants efficient and safe.

During the various engineering phases implemented for the search for solutions, the need arose to design new methodologies and machinery capable of transporting the services typically performed in the workshops directly inside the plants.

VED makes use of specialized technicians supported by a technical office capable of analyzing and developing adequate responses to the required needs.

“Innovation, innovation, innovation ..”, the term most used by G. Prestigiacomo

“Innovation” is the term that often, the children and grandchildren, heard pronounced by Giuseppe Prestigiacomo.

Thanks to its vivid interest in innovation, the VED company, founded in the 1970s, has launched itself into the fiberglass challenge.

Objective? Stronger, more competitive company..

A multi-product and multi-service company would have been more solid and more competitive thanks to the diversification of its range of offers.

This idea has always been clear in the mind of the founder and his collaborators to the point of putting it into action.

In the course of history, in fact, four sectors have emerged to the point of constituting “almost real companies”.

The four Business Units of VED

“Four companies within one company! Wow .. Really innovative ”- continuing to use the magic word that has allowed VED to grow and continue to develop until today.

For years they have been defined as “divisions”, but today they are defined as the Business Units or business units (BU) of VED.

The BU are known with the following abbreviations:

TMS - Technical Maintenance Service

The BU for specialized on-site maintenance. This activity is carried out above all in operations in which it is not possible to transport the equipment on which to intervene to the workshop and it is therefore the operating machine that is positioned on-site, directly in the plant or even in an engine room of a ship underway.

GPE - Gasket Production Engineering

The BU that represents the history and a cornerstone of VED, the production of industrial gaskets. The correct containment of fluids also through innovative and reliable seals, allows to protect the surrounding environment from possible contamination, improving the safety of the systems.

GFE – Gestione Fugitive Emissions

The BU which instead focuses its activities on the identification and monitoring of fugitive emissions from industrial plants. Activities in line with environmental policies aimed at improving sustainable practices and aimed at safeguarding the fragile ecosystem in which we live.

CMA – Composite Material Applications

The BU of composites, that is all those products and services that gravitate around a sector that makes innovation its raison d’etre, with applications ranging from Oil & Gas to aeronautics up to the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The liaison of the 4 BU of VED? The ability to intervene almost immediately, often even with plants running.

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