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In the production, transformation, storage and transport systems of fluids there are bolted flanged joints with interposed gaskets, which connect equipment, lines, tanks or assemblies to each other.

The flanged joint, compared to a welded joint, offers obvious advantages in the prefabrication phase of system components or sections; moreover, inspections are easier, maintenance and replacement of components faster.

However, each flanged joint represents a potential source of danger if it is not maintained with method and competence.

Accidents and near misses could occur as a result of flange joint leaks.

The causes could be, for example, insufficient specific knowledge of maintenance activities, underestimation of the risks in the event of a loss and inadequate application of operating instructions.

A flanged joint can be similar to a welded joint.

As for fixed joints, also for flanged connections it is considered essential that the operators are specialized, trained, that suitable equipment is used and that there are specific installation procedures, so that the Essential Safety Requirements are met.

Just like a weld that is not carried out correctly, even an incorrect assembly of a flange could cause damage, even considerable damage, to things, people and the environment.

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With method and competence, over 50 years of experience in the control, maintenance and replacement of bolted flanged joints of pressure equipment.


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