Graphite for industrial gaskets and TMS

During a controlled tightening by VED’s TMS business unit, it may happen that you need to fit industrial gaskets stripped of the graphite coating.

If the customer is not immediately equipped with graphite-coated metal gaskets (as mentioned in the ASME PCC-1 ed. 2019 [P-4.5.1]:), the Graface kit becomes the fastest and most innovative solution .

By applying it on the surface of the metal gasket, it improves the sealing characteristics and solves the problems from the application up to the assembly and clamping loads.



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The importance of graphite for industrial gaskets

Gaskets play an important role in ensuring the correct functioning of the equipment between the joints where they are present.

In fact, in daily life they already occupy a prominent place: for example, the head gaskets of cars, moka pots or washing machine door. Inside industrial plants, gaskets take on a much higher value.

It is therefore not acceptable that there is a leak due to a leak in the industrial gaskets. This is to ensure the safety of those who work in the plant and to protect the environment.

Furthermore, given the developments in the industrial field, the sealing elements must be in continuous innovation to ensure and always offer highly reliable performance.

Safety, reliability, integrity, quality and environmental protection: these are the concepts that allow us to improve the world of seals more and more.

VED Graface kit for industrial gaskets

With the experience of over forty years, the research and development section of the VED company has created the GRAFACE Kit or Graphite kit for industrial gaskets.

An essential kit made for

  • facilitate the assembly operations of the graface to the gasket;
  • being able to improve the sealing capacity of a metal-plastic gasket and more;
  • always have it available in the system.

By exploiting the mechanical characteristics of graphite, it is possible to obtain a gasket capable of reducing any defects on the faces of the flanges caused by the effects of corrosion.


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