The specialist maintenance service for extracting tube bundles of heat exchangers in industrial plants involves the removal and cleaning of the tube bundles of heat exchangers, which are crucial components of industrial plants used for transferring heat from one fluid to another.


The specialist maintenance of tube bundle extraction is a delicate operation that requires the use of special equipment and highly qualified personnel. Specialized operators remove the tube bundles from the heat exchanger and thoroughly clean them to eliminate deposits of scale, oxides, and other impurities that accumulate over time. In some cases, repair or replacement of damaged tube bundles may also be necessary.


This maintenance operation is important to ensure the proper functioning of industrial plants and prevent breakdowns and malfunctions that can compromise the safety of the plant and the quality of the production process.

Additionally, proper maintenance of heat exchangers can help reduce plant operating costs, improve energy efficiency, and prolong the life of the plants themselves.


The service offered by TMS, a Business Unit of VED Srl, involves the design of customized extractors based on a preliminary study carried out on specific extraction activities required for particular pressure equipment, such as heat exchangers.


In particular, TMS uses its expertise and knowledge acquired in the sector to design tailor-made solutions for customers’ specific needs, ensuring effective extraction of heat exchanger tube bundles. The customized extractors are able to adapt to the dimensions and geometry of the heat exchangers and operate under safe conditions, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimizing machine downtime.


Moreover, TMS also offers a specialized technical assistance service for the maintenance of extractors, ensuring effective and timely resolution of any problems or malfunctions that may occur during tube bundle extraction operations.


In this way, the specialist maintenance service for extracting tube bundles of heat exchangers in industrial plants offered by TMS represents a complete and personalized solution for customers’ needs, guaranteeing efficient and safe management of industrial plants.