Laser Tracker: on-site dimensional measurements

Many companies need to accurately measure the three-dimensional characteristics of large objects.

An increasingly popular method is based on the use of the Laser Tracker, an instrument that measures 3D coordinates by tracing a laser beam on a retroreflective lens held in contact with the object of interest.

The Laser Tracker can measure objects both up close and at a distance of 80 meters. Single point accuracy is usually about 0.002 ″.

The Laser Tracker collects coordinate data at high speed. It improves three-dimensional measuring methods and makes completely new ways of manufacturing possible.


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How it works: reveal the real dimensions of the artifact

Dimensional analysis both for individual components and for assembled parts of medium and large dimensions directly at the customers’ premises with the use of the LASER TRACKER.

Thanks to this sophisticated and precise portable instrument for centesimal measurement, the real dimensions of the artefact are measured, the data detected is transferred to the dedicated software to be compared with 3D mathematics and finally the report is processed.

The laser tracker consists of three elements:

  • the actual tracker
  • the balls and / or the feeler
  • the kickstand on which to place the tracker

The tracker emits a laser beam that intercepts the retroreflective control sphere equipped with prismatic lenses, which is placed on the object being measured.

The sphere reflects the laser blade to the tracker which measures its distance and position thus acquiring the position of the points to be measured.

It is an indirect measurement method that uses the reflectance of the sphere to determine the position and distance of the points.

The control of the points allows to verify – through the control plan – the correspondence of the object to the nominal.

The tool generates a cloud of points that returns the positioning of the points fixed to the plane and allows – for example – to check distances, center distances, hole diameters.

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Dimensional checks with laser tracker

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Planarity control of azimuth motor bases

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Rolling mill shoulders check after mechanical processing

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Reactor flange control


Laser tracker measurement finds application in sectors characterized by large volumes.

Naval, aerospace and automotive, steel industry, rotating machinery and boiler making, represent typical cases of application.

The system is used for testing and surface alignment.

The laser tracker allows you to measure even very long and voluminous objects without resorting to repositioning, thus reducing the possibility of error.