ASP&ASG benefits

VED has designed and patented particular caps and specific gaskets.

If fluid leaks are detected from the inspection holes while the system is running, it may be considered difficult to intervene to repair the damage.

To solve these problems, boxes called “containment” are built and installed, which are fixed directly to the plugs and the sealing compound will be injected into the plugs.


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The image above shows an equipment on which various containment covers have been installed to eliminate, with the system in operation, as many leaks from the inspection holes.

ASP Air Coolers Special Plugs Service

The preventive solution of ASP & ASG by VED

To definitively solve the problem of leaks, VED has designed and built a sealing system consisting of two essential components: a gasket and a patented cap.

The VED cap was set up to inject the sealing compound in order to eliminate any leak without blocking the system in operation.

To obtain perfectly optimal performance, the cap is often sold in conjunction with the maintenance service. In fact, this service involves the disassembly of existing caps, the restoration of damaged holes and the installation of special caps.

The name “ASP” is short for “Aircoolers Special Plug” while “ASG” is short for “Aircoolers Special Gasket“.


ASP” is the abbreviation of “Aircoolers Special Plug” instead “ASG” is the abbreviation of “Aircoolers Special Gasket

The image above shows the operating principle to eliminate the leak in a running plant

In the following video...

In the video, a plug will be installed under pressure conditions and a damaged gasket will be used to simulate the leak.

To observe and control the air leak, soap with water will be used. This will demonstrate the presence of the leak and its subsequent reduction while the compound will be injected into the fillets.

In conclusion, it will be possible to observe the result or how the compound, by stopping the leak, will have restored the sealing condition.