Reference Legislation

Law Decree n. 83 of 22 June 2012 (Urgent measures for the growth of the country) Law no. 134 of 7 August 2012 (Conversion into law Decree Law no. 83)

“For strategic infrastructures and settlements identified pursuant to article 1, paragraph 7, letter i), of law no. 239, for continuous cycle systems and for those that have a public utility or essential service character, in the presence of defects that may jeopardize the continuity of operation of an equipment, in the judgment and under the responsibility of the user, can be carried out temporary repairs, even with equipment in operation, aimed at maintaining the structural stability of the equipment and ensuring the containment of any losses for the time of further operation up to the natural expiry date of the periodic check following the temporary repair. “

“These temporary repairs are carried out according to the technical specifications provided for in Article 3 of this decree of 1 December, no. 329, or recognized international technical standards. “

D.M. 329 of 1 December 2004

Art.3. Technical specifications relating to the operation of the equipment and assemblies 1. At the request of the Ministry of Production Activities, any technical specifications concerning the operation of the equipment and assemblies referred to in Article 1 shall be drawn up in collaboration with ISPESL and with the ‘Italian National Unification Body (UNI), taking into account the regulations issued by the European Committee for Standardization, after consulting the trade associations concerned, and subsequently approved by the Ministry of Productive Activities in agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

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