Flat Facing of Circular Surfaces

Restoration of gasket support seats
In cases where it is necessary to restore the damaged sealing seats of the flanges of pipes or pressure equipment (eg heat exchangers, reactors, columns, tanks) it is possible to use portable machine tools.

VED portable machine tools, to be anchored inside or outside the flange, are able to restore sealing seats of any type up to a diameter of 6000 mm, obtaining surface finishes from Ra 12.5 μm to Ra 0.8 μm and creating concentric and phonographic lines.


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spianatura superfici circolari flange ved

Restoration of the azimuth engine housing with laser assistance (Ø5600); Processing performed on an icebreaker ship.

Spianatura basamento ralla 03

Restoring the flatness of the support surfaces of the rotation rings (Ø1350);
It is possible to work on site the support surfaces of the rotation fifth wheels of ladle turning turrets, cranes, wagons, etc.

ved lavorazione flange flacing

Azimuth motor flange flattening (Ø4400);
Flattening and subsequent drilling of the fixing flange of tugboat azimuth motors.

Spianatura flangia dia 2400

Restoring the bearing seat of the reactor flange gasket (Ø2400);
We work on standard UNI, ASME B.16.5, ASME B16.47a / b, and special flanges: FF, RF, SMF-LMF, ring-joint RTJ, lenticular, clamped joints, double cone, delta, etc.