Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

Pipe cutting and bevelling are techniques used to shape and finish the ends of pipes. Pipe cutting involves using a cutting tool, such as a saw or a lathe, to cut the pipe to the desired length. Bevelling involves creating a sloped or angled edge on the end of a pipe.

There are several methods that can be used to cut and bevel pipes, including mechanical cutting, chemical cutting, and thermal cutting. Mechanical cutting methods include sawing, lathing, and grinding, while chemical cutting methods involve using a chemical agent to dissolve or weaken the material of the pipe. Thermal cutting methods, such as oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting, use high temperatures to melt or vaporize the material of the pipe.

Pipe cutting and bevelling are commonly used in the construction and manufacturing industries, as well as in the repair and maintenance of piping systems. The specific method used will depend on the material of the pipe, the size and shape of the pipe, and the desired finish. Pipe cutting and bevelling can be performed manually or with the use of specialized equipment and machinery.