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The maintenance of the valves can be performed, according to the needs of the system, on site without removing the valve from its position or, if disassembly is possible, out of work.

Normally, valves with welded inlet / outlet connections or large flanged valves are overhauled on site, whose disassembly is difficult.

On the other hand, the valves with flanged or threaded inlet / outlet connections or welded valves that have problems that require special machining (remaking of integral seats, replacement of seats, fillings, etc.) that cannot be carried out on site are overhauled on the bench.

The bench overhaul can be carried out at our workshops or, if you prefer not to send the valves out of the factory, in an area adjacent to the plant with a mobile workshop equipped for the purpose.

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Valves are mechanical components specifically designed to shut off or regulate the flow, pressure or temperature of a process fluid. They are among the most popular components in the process industry and there are different classification criteria.

The most common are shown in the table below.

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