Overhaul of Valves in the Plant

The overhaul of the valves can be carried out directly in the plant.

In addition to portable machine tools for the on-site resolution of the most frequent problems encountered (restoration of the sealing seat of the castle flange, boring of the autoclave sealing area, removal of welded seats, etc.), we have, in fact, a series of portable lapping machines for plug and gate valves up to DN 600.

We work on manual or motorized shut-off valves, check, regulation and safety valves.

Overhaul of Valves on site with Mobile Workshops

The overhaul of the valves in the plant is carried out in the same way as the overhaul in the workshop.

Our mobile workshops (equipped with a sandblasting department, machine tools, assembly, testing and pressing area) allow us to carry out all the overhaul phases of the interception, regulation and safety valves and any pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators in the field.

The main advantage is to keep the valves inside the plant, avoiding risks and unproductive times during the transfer to external workshops, allowing you to constantly monitor all maintenance activities, speeding up decision-making processes in the face of unexpected events (defects, anomalies, replacement, etc.) and allowing, according to the needs of the system, any program changes in the return of the valves.

Overhaul of Valves on site

The service combines the versatility of a site directly on site with the advantages of a well-equipped workshop.

  • Daily presence at the Client, with the plant in operation, of specialized personnel ensuring speed of response and intervention.
  • Maintenance of large valves without the need for transport outside the plant areas.
  • Wide availability of technical equipment entirely available to the Client.