Overhaul of Valves in the Workshop

At our workshops equipped with washing areas, sandblasting booths, machine tools, lapping machines, painting booths, pressing and calibration benches, we perform the:

  • overhaul and pressing of manual and motorized shut-off valves;
  • overhaul and calibration of safety valves;
  • overhaul, pressing and calibration of control valves;
  • overhaul of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.


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The Steps of the Standard Review for Shut-off Valves and Regulating Valves

The standard overhaul of shut-off and regulation valves involves the following steps:

  • identification and stamping;
  • disassembly of any servomotor / actuator;
  • disassemblaggio completo della valvola;
  • sandblasting and cleaning with suitable solvents of all components;
  • check of the support seats of the body-castle coupling gasket;
  • straightness control of the stem;
  • visual inspection and with penetrating liquids of the sealing elements;
  • lapping of the shutter seat;
  • lapping of the valve body seal seat;
  • stem counter-seal lapping;
  • back-sealing of the castle;
  • replacement of the body-castle coupling gasket;
  • replacement of the seal pack (packing and / or pre-formed rings);
  • restoration of the threads with possible replacement of the linkage;
  • reassembly of all components;
  • operation check of any servomotor / actuator;
  • refitting the servomotor / actuator;
  • testing according to API 598 with verbal release of pressing;
  • functionality test;
  • painting;
  • labeling with indication of the revision date;
  • insertion of flange protection covers.
revisione di valvole ved
revisione valvole in officina VED